Gehno Aviance (One A) Takes Center Stage: Featured in 5 Mag

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news from the world of Gehno Aviance, the dynamic DJ and producer making waves in the electronic music scene. Recently featured in the esteemed pages of 5 Mag, Gehno’s story unfolds as a fascinating journey through the realms of music, art, and culture.

The 5 Mag Feature: A Snapshot

In a recent interview with 5 Mag, Gehno Aviance dives deep into his musical evolution, tracing back to his roots in the Washington DC and Baltimore electronic music and rave scenes. The article shines a spotlight on Gehno’s latest track, “Legendary Runway,” a homage to the iconic Pat Cleveland and a celebration of the Battle of Versailles in 1973.

Gehno’s rich history within the House of Aviance, his contributions to the LGBTQ+ community, and his pivotal role in shaping the electronic music landscape all come to life in this insightful feature. The interview encapsulates Gehno’s diverse artistic endeavors, from filmmaking and web design to his exploration of Afro-Iberian influences in his music.